Allbiotech: América Latina, Líderes Biotec

It’s startling that there isn’t a biotech network for my region, started by Latin Americans and focused on Latin American issues. It seemed ridiculous enough to make us do something about it.

Life as a Rebel / Week 3

This is vertiginously fast, and a lot is expected of us. But at the same time, you can see yourself moving forward and suddenly there’s a road laid in front of you and for a brief, beautiful moment, you know what to do.

Life as a Rebel / Week 2

“Your business works in language first,” he says, and my inner linguist sobs in a corner of my mind. “Even the impact you have happens in language first.”

Life as a Rebel / Week 1

Interested to see how one of the biggest biotech accelerators worldwide is from the inside? Join me in the four-month adventure that is Rebel Bio, SOSV’s global biotech accelerator.

Thinking back on Gap Summit 2014

It’s odd to stop and think it’s been over two years since I attended GapSummit. It was the first time I went abroad for an event, workshop, anything structured or work-related, really. The first time traveling alone, and the first of many trips I have since embarked on as part of my work with Kaitek.

Biotech investment panorama in Chile

“The biotech market in Chile is in absolute infancy.” – This blunt statement is how Markus Schreyer starts our interview. Markus, a German investor and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of international industry and market experience, is now dedicated to supporting the development of a proper biostart-up ecosystem in Chile.

Chile’s Austral Incuba

How has Chile’s only biotech-focused incubator managed to survive while competing with IT-based incubators with shorter timelines, lower risks and less capital-intensive projects?

White coat rising

Under the motto “Chile needs science” (hashtag #ChileNecesitaCiencia), and dressed in their labcoats, Chilean scientists have been gathering in front of the presidential palace and on social networks to oppose the government’s decision to not raise the country’s budget for research and development

Made in Chile

an innocuous and universal cancer drug, made in Chile. This is the promise of Andes Biotechnologies, a Chilean biotech company whose invention has just been cleared by the FDA for clinical trials in the US.

The birth of a cluster

This platform, founded and managed by Chilean scientists, aims to bring together students, researchers and entrepreneurs in all the areas of biotechnology

Southern Science

Every story the speakers told happened in Europe or the US, in the biotechnology clusters located there. China and India were mentioned for “exotic” effect; the rest of the world made no appearances.