The talk of shame

I thought walking the walk was the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur, but not for this. Once everything around you goes down, and after you’ve dropped off the radar to lick your wounds and gather enough strength to come back, it’s time to talk the talk.

Welcome to the talk of shame.

Life as a Rebel / Week 5

An accelerator is about finding if your idea has wings, and if it can take off. So if it crashes and burns right away that’s good – you won’t be working 2 or 3 years on something that’s never going to work

Life as a Rebel / Week 4

“You can program computers with code and bacteria with genes.” Bill reminded us that day. “You can also program humans with words.”

Weird advice for better pitches

There’s a gigantic amount of people who can give you better advice than me in pitching. So I decided to compile a list of weird advice instead.