A story about Ireland

I love seeing those post and pictures that have “faith in humanity restored” as a tagline. People paying it forward with coffee and food, helping animals cross streets, and just doing random acts of kindness all around.
I was lucky enough to be the receptor of one of the best random acts of kindness ever. And it happened in the lovely country I currently reside in, because life is weird that way: Ireland.

The tightrope violinist

Entrepreneurship feels like standing on a tight rope and being handed a violin, then a flute, then a bass, and suddenly either a balalaika or a chainsaw or both at the same time. And doing as entrepreneurs do: balancing everything and getting on with it.

Selling half-baked cakes

If you ask any serious investor what’s the most important thing a startup can do they’re likely to mention three things: sell, sell and sell. Us biotech founders though, after receiving the selling mantra, generally get an extra phrase: good luck.