Hi, I’m Emilia.

I work in entrepreneurship, science and literature

What brings you here today?


I founded Kaitek labs and Allbiotech. Kaitek closed in 2018 and Allbiotech is still going strong, bringing together young scientists from the region. You can find my blog posts, pitch videos, Tedx talk and Kaitek’s post mortem here.

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I have published several articles in biotechnology, synthetic biology and science in general in Nature Biotechnology and Synbiobeta. You can browse my articles and some of my favorite interviews in this section.

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I have written about a hundred short stories and poems. I won Santiago en 100 palabras’ Young Talent prize back in 2008, and in 2020 I published my debut novel, Silver Eyes (Ojos de plata). You’ll find more information on my book here.

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Best described as an entrepreneur, writer and speaker, Emilia is a young Chilean innovator working in the intersection of science and social impact, hoping to make the world a better place through biotechnology. At 22, she founded Kaitek Labs, one of Chile’s most renowned biotech startups, supported by a USD 350K grant from the Chilean government for research and development. Kaitek’s main project, the generation of a HAB detection kit through synthetic biology, boasted a 35+ alliance network and participated in business acceleration programs in the US, Europe, Asia and Chile. Kaitek’s Red Tide Detection Kit Project officially closed down in January 2018.

Emilia has been recognized as a leader both in her country and internationally in biotechnology, innovation and technology by Singularity University, Global Biotech Revolution, El Mercurio, among others.

As a speaker, Emilia focuses on social impact through science and technology, her journey as an entrepreneur, gender equality in STEM, and exponential technologies. Her Tedx talk, “Feeding the right wolf”, focuses on social impact as the ultimate goal for scientific innovation. Emilia is also the director of Allbiotech, the first Latin American Biotech network; scientific pitch consultant for PowerPitch; and a freelance writer, covering biotech news for Synbiobeta, Nature and more recently starting her own web for scientific communication at emiliadiaz.cl

Emilia started writing fiction at 12 and now continues writing science-focused non-fiction for various outlets. Her debut novel, Ojos de plata, came out on 2020.