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Biotechnology and Synthetic biology

Back when I was trying to make Kaitek go big, I realized I needed a way to connect with key people and thought leaders in the biotechnology and synthetic biology space. I decided to start blogging for Biotech-related news outlets and worked my way until I was able to email anyone for an interview – and I got to tell them about Kaitek after.


Interviews with Biotechnology thought leaders

Nothing to hide: An interview with Hadyn Parry

Who knew a jingle played from a van would be the best way to let people know a GMO mosquito would be released in their area so that they’d go “cool, okay”? Yes, Oxitec did that. But how, exactly?

Published in Grow by Gingko

As a translator for Ginko’s evocative magazine covering synthetic biology, art and society

Alas del deseo

De cómo los pájaros se volvieron hermosos y el arte se volvió extraño

Por Dean Kissick
Traducción por Emilia Díaz

Published in Nature Biotechnology

As a collaborator for Trade Secrets, in Bioentrepreneur

Allbiotech: América Latina, Líderes Biotec

It’s startling that there isn’t a biotech network for my region, started by Latin Americans and focused on Latin American issues. It seemed ridiculous enough to make us do something about it.

Biotech investment panorama in Chile

“The biotech market in Chile is in absolute infancy.” – This blunt statement is how Markus Schreyer starts our interview. Markus, a German investor and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of international industry and market experience, is now dedicated to supporting the development of a proper biostart-up ecosystem in Chile.

Chile’s Austral Incuba

How has Chile’s only biotech-focused incubator managed to survive while competing with IT-based incubators with shorter timelines, lower risks and less capital-intensive projects?

White coat rising

Under the motto “Chile needs science” (hashtag #ChileNecesitaCiencia), and dressed in their labcoats, Chilean scientists have been gathering in front of the presidential palace and on social networks to oppose the government’s decision to not raise the country’s budget for research and development

Made in Chile

an innocuous and universal cancer drug, made in Chile. This is the promise of Andes Biotechnologies, a Chilean biotech company whose invention has just been cleared by the FDA for clinical trials in the US.

Published in Synbiobeta

As a collaborator for the biggest online outlet of Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology news worldwide.

Full articles here:

  1. From one-stop lab platforms to bio-based 3d printers: this is what robotics and hardware can do for synthetic biology (February 2016)
  2. Evolva: wellness and nutrition ingredients production company joins the fight against Zika (March 2016)
  3. The other Silicon Valley: Shenzhen institutes of advanced technology, Chinese academy of sciences (May 2016)
  4. Gen9 and Amyris strike synthetic DNA supply agreement (June 2016)
  5. The world’s first synbio accelerator presents their newest crop: Meet IndiebioEU’s class of 2016 Part 1 (July 2016)
  6. The world’s first synbio accelerator presents their newest crop: Meet IndiebioEU’s class of 2016 Part 2 (July 2016)
  7. These three companies will be discussing the future of food at Synbiobeta SF (August 2016)
  8. Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics, Inc. combine CRISPR/Cas9 and yeast recombination machinery to engineer 16s ribosomal RNA (August 2016)
  9. Biodesign for the real world (September 2016)
  10. New opportunities and challenges in agriculture (September 2016)
  11. Gen9 synthesizes largest functional virus for oncology research, joined by Auburn University and Autodesk to enable personalized cancer treatment (November 2016)
  12. Not just for cars anymore: LanzaTech takes future of biofuels sky high (January 2017)
  13. iGEM startup PVP biologics closes a $35 million agreement with pharmaceutical company Takeda (January 2017)
  14. Indiebio SF Reveals its fourth class of startups, Part 1 (January 2017)
  15. Indiebio SF Reveals its fourth class of startups, Part 2 (February 2017)
  16. Riffyn and Novozymes join forces to accelerate the digital future of scientific research (February 2017)
  17. An interview with Daniela Quaglia on synbio and science communication (February 2017)
  18. 46 organizations making biology easier to engineer (March 2017)
  19. Kite pharma’s engineered t-cell therapies for cancer delivers astonishing results (March 2017)
  20. Drew Endy to keynote Synbiobeta London (March 2017)
  21. Forget transistors: Data storage goes biological thanks to Microsoft, University of Washington and Twist Bioscience (April 2017)
  22. SB7.0 Session 1: Translating ideas into impact (April 2017)
  23. SB7.0 Session 3: Art, Critical Design, Critique, Our World (May 2017)
  24. FDA Extends Comment Period on Genome Editing Tech for Plants and Animals (May 2017)
  25. Show me the money: 5 Biotech-ready VCs (June 2017)
  26. Living Ink raises funds from Colorado’s AIA for sustainable algal ink (June 2017)
  27. James Collins to Keynote at Synbiobeta San Francisco (June 2017)
  28. The Bio Side of Big Data: Mimetics Uncovers Hidden Patterns In Agbio, Food and Pharma (June 2017)
  29. The rise of the robot scientist (July 2017)
  30. Next generation DNA synthesis DNA Script Raises $13M Seed A Round Led by Illumina Ventures (September 2017)
  31. Sean O’Sullivan at IndieBio’s 5th Demo Day (September 2017)
  32. The future trades in genes: How DNA Synthesis Is Shaping The New Bioeconomy (September 2017)
  33. Changing The Landscape Of What’s Possible: An Exclusive Interview With Sean O’Sullivan (November 2017)
  34. Make Science Great Again (For The General Public) (November 2017)
  35. An Exclusive Interview with Helge Bastian About the Uncommon Collaboration Between Foldit, SynBio, and a Confectionery Powerhouse (December 2017)
  36. Here there (will) be dragons: Beyond the map of synbio with Kim de Mora (February 2018)
  37. On the steps between scientist and founder: An interview with Fatma Kaplan (April 2018)
  38. Eight no-nonsense do’s and don’ts for your next pitch (May 2019)
  39. How Molecular Assemblies is using enzymatic DNA to enable DNA data storage (May 2019)
  40. Scaling the green revolution: Lanzatech goes industrial size (May 2019)